Have the 32 bit Mint installer choose PAE kernels on PAE capable CPUs

  10 years ago

Since now, most new PCs come with a 64 bit chip (or PAE capable kernels) with 4 gigs of RAM or more, have the installer choose the PAE kernel for those folks who still want to use a 32 bit OS. The PAE kernel is installable through apt-get and could easily be scripted to install either during installation or as a post-installation process.
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quake0 8 years ago

This seems like a no brainier.

Mintification 8 years ago

Definitely promoting. Grand idea :)

LexMK 8 years ago

Do it in LMDE too!

terryspcs 8 years ago

Sounds like a good idea

RayWoods 8 years ago

It would be nice if the PAE kernel could be automatically picked if you are running a multi-core processor on the 32 bit OS as well.

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hinto 10 years ago

When I installed on the Mac Mini, I had to manually install the PAE kernel. The kernel was PAE capable, but I only had 2 gigs of RAM. Using the PAE kernel allows me to run a 64 bit VM as a guest OS on the 32 bit host.

AgingTechnogeek 10 years ago

This is implemented in the updated installer in Mint 10. If you have more than 3 GB of ram, the pae module is installed automatically in the 32 bit installer.

ckristi 10 years ago

On Isadora 32bit the -pae kernel was not chosen if you had 4G of RAM only. You have to manually install it. However, on Julia (the RC was just released) the -pae kernel is chosen on my 4G RAM machine.

thx1138 10 years ago

Isadora 32 bit installed the pae kernel automagically on my 64 bit system with 6 gigs of RAM.
This feature is already available.