No demotion of idea or tutorial without comment

  9 years ago

It seems really negative within a community for members to vote against an idea or tutorial without submitting a comment of explanation as to why. If I agree 100% with an idea, to promote without comment is easy (I totally agreed, so I voted for it). Likewise "don't care" is self explanatory. Community members that take the time and trouble to formulate an idea or write a tutorial, do so in the hope that it will, in one way or another help other users, be it the further development of Mint or just to help a single newcomer make something work that didn't before.
If a tutorial is factually incorrect, a member can demote but must leave a reason, this lets the author know why it is wrong, from this an article can be re-edited(the author learns something and in turn the community gains something).
Ideas should be treated exactly the same, if you are going to vote against it, let the author know why, it can be retuned, resubmitted or discarded by the author. I think a system where, just because I got out of the wrong side of bed, I'll vote against it, is too negative for the Mint community as a whole.
Good ideas help us all. Bad ideas help us be smarter(as long as we know why they are bad).
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Qruqs 6 years ago

Oh, and before some nit picky know-it-all makes any comment about it, we all know what lousy job on-line translation services do. Those can't be relied upon to bring out the true meaning of why an idea was demoted.

Qruqs 6 years ago

This is plain wrong! For any number of reasons.

There might be users who don't speak English at all*), or don't speak English well enough to feel comfortable with having to comment before casting their vote. Is their opinion of lesser value just because they aren't proficient in writing the mostly used language on the community?

I studied Russian for some time, and I understand a whole lot more than I can speak/write, so if this site was in Russian I should not be able to vote?

The idea sounds like dictatorship to me.

*) Using on-line translation services to understand what is said.

Or is the community users prepared to learn, or willing to use on-line translation services, to understand what the person is saying, should he or she write in their native tongue? Let's make a test, shall we?

Jag tycker det är en urusel idé some borde förpassas till närmsta, runda arkiv!

telcnas 7 years ago

awesome......this idea is important, making complete sense and must be considered and implemented...............

mysoomro 7 years ago

Nice idea; specially in case of tutorials.

clem 8 years ago

++ Just noticed in the comments below... a really good point is made. If you force or even push people to fill in fields they don't want to fill, they either go away (in which case you lose the vote info) or they give you non-custructive info (ala "this sux" cited below) which isn't helpful and detracts the ongoing discussion.

clem 8 years ago

Rejected, explanation below:

This is a nice idea and I understand the rationale behind it. I agree with the fact that "it would be nice" of people to explain why they're demoting a particular idea so that the author gets the opportunity to explain it better or adapt it based on the feedback he receives.

However, and this is where the problem resides, it's extremely important not to discourage the user from voting the idea. The vote itself, although quite incomplete, is a form of feedback and it is valuable, whether it's positive or negative.

trollboy 8 years ago

I usually do post a comment when I demote, as I have here. But not always. Sometimes it's great to have a quick way to say "I think that's a bad idea".

blueXrider 8 years ago

Agreed. Some good ideas have been discarded or dismissed without comments.

What is the relationship between Score Votes and Comments?

Good idea +1

kazztan0325 8 years ago

That's right!

passstab 8 years ago

this might legitimize "+1"(or "-1" rather)
also someone might have iterated your viewpoint

i put the following on the bottom all of my ideas

"if you are voting against this idea please clarify why in the comments
(assuming your point hasn't been made)"

rbennett 9 years ago

Donk, I agree with your comment but their screen name will do the same thing, however - I make mistakes way too many time in everyday life. I most of the time have great expectations in doing a good job. I always want to be helpful, but I still make mistakes, and folks get really angry sometimes. If a person gives us the best job he can, at the time, we should be supportive. We should let them know when something doesn't work for us, and I bet they will continue to work on it until it does work for us. That way they can improve, and so will we.

Also everyone, let's remember, all of this is so wonderful, and it becomes easy for us to find fault in most anything - Isn't all this just GREAT!!!! ... and for what it is costing us, would you give it all back - for a refund? Thanks to all for the help you give us.

DonK 9 years ago

I agree, as for the the one's who leave the unhelpful comment's their IP address should be logged for credibility questioning.

tpapastylianou 9 years ago

On one hand, I agree.
On the other hand, if this gets imposed, expect a lot of "This sux" comments, rather than 'actual' explanations.

PS. You realise this post is just 'asking' for a spree of unclarified demotions, right? :p

banjoman 9 years ago

yes - let's maximise the positive and nuture the community - positive praise and positive criticism - not just a slap in the face...

Elisa 9 years ago

Yep, useful for a discussion...

m4daredsun 9 years ago

I totally agree. It is important to let the author of the tutorial/idea the reason why you demoted it.

thx1138: yes, the forum is a better place for discussion, but I like to idea to "force" somebody to leave a comment to demote something. It's a good idea to improve communication and consequently ideas and tutorials may become better.

thx1138 9 years ago

Nothing like this happens here.
Please post some examples to prove me wrong!

Some ideas/tutorials are rejected/demoted because they are off topic in some way.
The forum is a much better place to discuss demoted ideas/tutorials.

tatsujin79 9 years ago

100% agreed, not only will this cut down on those who just want to flame but it will give the creator of the idea feedback which they can use (hopefully) to make revisions or improve upon the idea, tutorial etc.

BopNiblets 9 years ago

Agreed, just got ideas demoted by someone and they were TOTALLY SWEET! :p
(well one of them was decent)

zaenal1234 9 years ago

yes true, it must be accompanied by reasons why you should agree (to support) or not.