Add CLI Companion with a command dictionary by default

  12 years ago

CLI Companion is an application that is used as a compliment to the Linux Terminal.

New users unfamiliar with the terminal will find it useful to become acquainted with the terminal. Using the built-in commands you can unlock the potential of the Terminal.

Experienced users can use the add command feature to build a command dictionary. Store commands as you come across them and no more do you have to search for them.
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tpapastylianou 12 years ago

I just tried it out, I can't say I'm very impressed.
I expected more something like an 'autocomplete' mode, narrowing down to the command you're in the middle of typing, and showing you helpful hints about its use. I agree with @AgingTechnogeek it's a bit clunky, and not that groundbreaking, really.
As an aside (sorry for the hijack) has anyone tried the fish terminal? Very newbie friendly, infinitely more intuitive than bash, and a lot more versatile.

thx1138 12 years ago

CLI Companion makes the terminal more user friendly. This one sounds like a new idea.
mintTerminal with the default option of showing a terminal window with/without/changetheopticwithaclick the dictionary part.

Xyie 12 years ago

Whether installed by default or not, this definitely looks useful to users previously unfamiliar with the terminal, or those not completely comfortable in their knowledge of how the commands are spelled. I'd probably try this application to get to know the terminal better, or to help me when I'm too out of it to trust myself too much with CLI commands.

frankeinstein 12 years ago

I use clicompanion to stop me forgetting what I should remember, it does comes in handy from time to time. New users especially will find this app useful.

AgingTechnogeek 12 years ago

This app can be included in the repos for anyone who wants to install it. I don't think its usefulness warrants installation by default.

I have installed CLI Companion and used it for a few days, but I found it took up too much space on the desktop, especially on a netbook, so I dropped it.