Sell Linux Mint Merchandise

  9 years ago

I wouldn't mind being able to buy a coffee mug or wrist band to support Linux Mint. All profit would be able to go to the development of the distro. Would anyone else buy anything?
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soygriego 3 years ago

T_Shirt, mouse, trousers, shoes, cap, wallpaper, and a lot more!

soygriego 3 years ago

T_Shirt, mouse, trousers, shoes, cap, wallpaper, and a lot more!

siafulinux 4 years ago

Rings, t-shirts, jackets, wristbands, stickers (for car, cell and desktop), coffee mugs, tea cups (yes!), mints (excellent idea), watches, clocks, calendars, magnets, mouse pads, pillow covers, etc, etc, etc.

Maybe the developers could set up a cafepress page or something similar and, like already suggested, put the profits towards development.

fred_B 5 years ago

I'd go for t-shirt, jacket, wristband, coffee/tea mug, and the mints.

gumby175 5 years ago

they could use you send the design and they do all the work for you for a percentage

gumby175 5 years ago

You can buy this stuff on other sites, but yes I would like to see the money go toward development

I like the ,linux mint shaped mints idea !!!

fred_B 5 years ago

Defintely would love this!

HerrDierk 5 years ago

This idea I really like. It would be awesome to join a LAN-party in a cool Mint T-Shirt :-p Not that I join a LAN-party. But in my thoughts I do. hehe

Elbot120 6 years ago

Best idea yet, they make a Linux Mint version of this wrist band:
I would totally buy this!

Elbot120 6 years ago

No, but seriously, packets or boxes of Linux Mint shaped mints and the flavors would depend on the edition, such as KDE, XFCE, MATE and Cinnamon!

Deazel 6 years ago

I'd love to get a wristband, or a T-Shirt. Maybe even some kind of hat. Heck, even a mousepad would be cool.

ArnoldTPants 7 years ago

A coffee mug would be nice.

anandrkris 7 years ago

You could buy some nice laptop / desktop stickers from and 0.10€ of the sticker price is donated back to the project. I checked Linuxmint site donor page and could see contribution from librestickers.

quake0 7 years ago

This should be moved to implemented.

larmi 7 years ago

would be nice if it would be global, not like some merchandise stores that only sells in usa or europe areas.

RyszardRudy 7 years ago

They can also try for mech selling. As I know, all they have to do is to create the "official" designs. And is the people want one - they'll make it. :)

OneDragon 7 years ago

As there doesn't seem to be much official merch someone else is selling stuff and getting the money, at least in germany - don't know if any of the money is flowing back to Linux Mint at all.

viking777 8 years ago

This idea is popular obviously and although production costs would obviously be a consideration, that is something only the Mint team can decide, and I think they should, particularly in the light of offers such as that from FewClues.

Marked accordingly.

cryptotooth 8 years ago

linux mint stickers for the front of your pc like windows do

psyckers 8 years ago

Linux Mint polo/ golf shirts and tee shirts are at The quality is great and has a quick delivery.