Use an alternative default search engine with better privacy

  12 years ago

I would suggest DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine with a clean interface, similar to the original version of Google (i.e. spacious with no paid ads) and a better privacy policy – it does NOT store your search requests.

It actually delivers more helpful search results than Google or Bing as it is easier to understand and navigate.
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oscar799 10 years ago

Status changed to "Implemented"

Alexio 11 years ago

@quake0 - I submitted this idea about a year ago. Indeed, the status of this idea should be changed now to implemented.

Using the search engine address in any browser, on any variant/version of Linux Mint, should enable the use of SSL while funding both the engine and the distribution.

Also, as I usually type the search terms in the address bar on Firefox, I enabled the search functionality for it:

1. Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox and press ENTER.
2. Locate and double-click the entry for keyword.URL
3. Set the value to

Now I fully enjoy the new release of Linux Mint!

quake0 11 years ago

duck duck go is already implemented.

Alexio 11 years ago

quantOS is a hardened Linux distro based on Linux Mint 11 that has AppArmor profiles and Arkose sanboxing for security and Vidalia for creating secure Tor connections to enhance online privacy.

Alexio 11 years ago

For maximum protection, use these apps too:

1. Abine Privacy suite for Firefox & Chrome

2. Adblock Plus to block ads for Firefox & Chrome

3. AdBlock to block ads for Chrome

4. AdSweep to block ads for Opera & Chrome

5. Beef Taco for no ad network tracking - in Firefox

6. Disconnect for no tracking from major sites - in Chrome, Firefox, Safari

7. Ghostery for no third-party tracking - works with Chrome & Firefox

8. BetterPrivacy for no tracking from Flash - works with Firefox

9. NoScript to block JavaScript in Firefox

10. NotScripts to block JavaScript in Chrome & Opera

11. HTTPS Everywhere for no tracking between you and sites - for Firefox

12. Tor - no tracking by being anonymous, also available as a bundle that includes Firefox

Alexio 11 years ago

@compuman2004 - You are welcome! Indeed, privacy is important for everyone.

DJCrashdummy 12 years ago

i think this 3 search-engines are worth to be listed:
-) is a own anonymous search-engine with focus on no spam!
(no coockies possible - save preferences by a special search-url / ssl-encryption possible)
-) is a anonymous meta-search-engine!
(no coockies possible - save preferences by a special search-url / ssl-encryption possible)
-) is "only" a anonymous google-search-engine!
(no coockies / ssl-encryption possible)

DJCrashdummy 12 years ago

@Alexio: sometimes ago i read something about SRWare Iron... and well... the result was that it's nearly the same like Google Chromium!
--> i only suggest Iron for windows-noobs because it's easier to install!

Alexio 12 years ago

Using the SRWare Iron web browser with the SSL version of Scroogle seems to be the solution I was looking for. What do you think about the browser?

dandv 12 years ago

I would suggest

Scroogle is an ad-free Google search proxy which prevents the searcher's data being stored by Google. On top of that, encrypts the search request and response.

thx1138 12 years ago

@Alexio: No. There's no other unique search engine around providing an on topic search result AND pays their customers on a regular base.

Your suggested engines are using google.

Privacy is something YOU as a user has to care about (there's a firewall available within every desktop edition), there are many services around like Tor or anonymouse.

Read some tutorials about google and privacy, many more about general privacy on the net (and web 2.0, including that social stuff like twitter, facebook, *drop.dead.while.listing.them.all*).

Ki3rk3gaard 12 years ago

Privacy is important.

Alexio 12 years ago

@thx1138 - Thank you for the feedback. Can you give better suggestions as my idea is about an alternative default search engine with better privacy?

thx1138 12 years ago

@Alexio: Instead of qouting Wiki articles you should try google AND all your suggested engines.Compare the results!!!

All of your suggestions look like warez engines, no additional content, just a search field. I don't feel comfortable talking about privacy in thoses cases.

None of your suggested search engines deliver better search results than googled stuff.

Alexio 12 years ago

What do you think about Yauba, a privacy safe real-time search engine?

Elisa 12 years ago ;-)

wanda 12 years ago < The best off, for Privacy.

tdockery97 12 years ago

With all their faults, I still find Google to have the best search engine for me.

Laan 12 years ago

I'm happy with google,and it can be changed pretty easy without having to touch de OS.

Alexio 12 years ago

@thx1138 - According to Wikipedia, Duck Duck Go is built primarily upon search APIs from major vendors (such as Yahoo! Search BOSS) and, because of this, TechCrunch characterized the service as a "hybrid" search engine. At the same time, it produces its own content pages, and so also is similar to sites like Mahalo and Kosmix.