Want 2 make a community...

  10 years ago

I'm willing to establish a member group with mint users ...

Then In Sri Lanka we can build a community who likes to play freely with their own computers...
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dagon 9 years ago

I've been on Sri Lanka and it's paradise. Toss in a room with Mint workstation and I don't know what to call it...


However as "idea" for the mint community and distro I have to mark this as rejected.


dagon 9 years ago

Awwwh! :(

He just joined, posted this idea and never came back.
I want to live in Mintopia!

minhajz 10 years ago

yes .. I also think the same.... Start one .. I'm In .. ;-)

thx1138 10 years ago

Please join the forum to talk about this.
It's a much better place to talk about regional projects.