Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
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Firefox delivers safe, easy web browsing. A familiar user interface, enhanced security features including protection from online identity theft, and integrated search let you get the most out of the web.
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Dragone2 1 month ago

I love Mozilla Firefox, I'm using it since version 3.0! It's the best web browser for me.

Kresni 2 months ago

Works quite nicely. Open for customization to make it a privacy oriented browser, if that's your thing.

jyusup 3 months ago

why you deleted yandex on searching? why i can not add yandex or nigma or bing for searching with google or duckduckgo? when you will get it back?

richolate 3 months ago

el mejor de todos los tiempos (The best of all time)

tokar 4 months ago

Today it works.

gugalcrom123 4 months ago

WIth the 89 update you broke everything! Won't be using your browser again. Also outdated screenshot. Daryna? Seriously?

INovozhilov 4 months ago

firefox has entered into a dirty political games, technology should be out of politics! A huge minus for this!

eliascassim 6 months ago


JonTrv 6 months ago

Mostly great, but I am having problems accessing forms on some websites. Problem is, those same forms, in particular, access to them, works perfectly in Chromium. One instance, I click on a link to create a form, then click another link to edit the form. The create form works OK, but the edit form link does nothing in Firefox, and works in Chromium. So far I cannot find out why. Linux Mint 20.2, FF 96.0.2, Chromium 97.0.4692.99

FelipePlayzYT 6 months ago

I switched to chrome to firefox, and its AWESOME!

kerin 6 months ago

muy confiable este navegador

neglesaks 7 months ago

The best web browser and the best alternative to the omnipresent Chromium clones all over the place.

alella 7 months ago

that's good. i love it and so usefull

SSStepan 8 months ago

Очень нравился пока Яндек(козел) не придумал голосовой автоперевод видео с ютуба. Вы блин отстали. Хотя, чего это я, у вас же нет оплачиваемых сотруников. Мдаа, уж. Не знаю что выбрать теперь. Бесплатный браузер от яндекса или бесплатный недобраузер от мозиллы? Ээ-эх, явно же вашу (я же верю в вас, иначе говоря вашу "свободную") идею забрали "яндексы"...

roger 8 months ago

Great browser

mjoens41 9 months ago

On a fresh Mint Mate 20.2 install it started to create a LOT of problems when I signed in and started 'syncing'. After purging everything I am now not syncing and it seems to be working fine. Not ideal.

dosik_zy 10 months ago

вы лучшие! хром отстой со своей рекламой

bigbadbootydaddy 11 months ago

wont be using Firefox again.

caltrop4 11 months ago

seems to cause issues with touchpad, bloated mess with a side of politics, not going to use anymore

Thrall 1 year ago

I prefere OPERA. firefox is outdated.