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Firefox delivers safe, easy web browsing. A familiar user interface, enhanced security features including protection from online identity theft, and integrated search let you get the most out of the web.
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Canis 1 week ago

Great browser, it runs fast and smoothly!

franckgaga 1 week ago

Exactly, the 89.0 version is very impressive ! Fast, simple and beautiful. Try the last Android version also, very consistent with this update!. Great work mozilla !

stepnjump 1 week ago

Wow! This new version 89.0 is totally AWESOME!!! Manages memory really well, super fast. I used to be on Chromium and it would bring my Mint Cinnamon to a halt at times (caused by LM memory leak issue?) but since I installed this one, the whole system run so smoothly now. Thank you guys @firefox! Keep up the great work!

Lightspeed 2 weeks ago

Great browser

RytronII 1 month ago

My go-to web browser of choice now for many, many years. I prefer the ESR version.

annie 2 months ago

Started using Firefox on Linux now for more than a month and have had only one problem and that is, it drops my connection to the internet. I'm not sure of the cause but it happens frequently. The only way to get back online is to restart my laptop and reopen Firefox. It's not my internet as my pc is running and tablet, only the Firefox on my linux laptop cuts out. I hope they resolve it as I do like Firefox. And plus it takes a long time to load.

Chima 2 months ago

My favourite browser, on all platforms. Less bloated and more responsive.

appkaiju 3 months ago

Very disappointed with Firefox lately. They are firing lots of employees, cutting features and lagging behind Chrome in every conceivable way. I moved to Brave, which is faster and more beautiful.

hypermug1 4 months ago

Fastest browser on Linux. Love it!

kubilay 4 months ago

The most beautiful browser for Linux

quake0 5 months ago

I have used fire fox since 2 as my exclusive browser. Now I have removed it from all devices I own or work with, and I am removing it from devices of friends and family as well as work place. This is all due to deplatforming talk. Mitchell Baker (Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla) needs to step down now.

Desmond 5 months ago

What is all of this Deplatforming talk, Mitchell Baker (Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla) is bad news for Firefox, I went to Firefox to get away from all that rubbish talk, I'm not interested, very foolish.

danoriginie 5 months ago

Deplatforming Trump and other freedom of speech issues go much beyond this issue. It's going to cause the death of many, yet you don't understand this yet. It's my life you are threatening. I am on Dissenter now.

amtoo 5 months ago

Mozilla Says ‘Deplatforming’ Trump Not Enough, Wants to Shield Internet from ‘Bad Actors’ - base your willingness to use it on what they stand for! I think it is time to cancel such evil thinking!

ViennaHardRocker 5 months ago

Firefox fan for about 15 years! Please never stop with your own browser engine!

Alien 6 months ago

Раньше действительно этот браузер был лучше. Сейчас ничего хорошего.

Menard 6 months ago

Big problem with the File downloader , it seems to run but the file is frequently missing, for pictures (jpg) as for videos (mp4)

murdock311 6 months ago

Can only give it a 3. Firefox is a far cry from what it used to be. Look to the days of Firefox 3.x to see what a truly GOOD browser looks like. Mozilla took a masterpiece and painted over it.

pepek454 6 months ago


pernikv 6 months ago

Firefox is the best web browser ever! I love it!