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  • 27 minutes ago, phramusca reviewed freetuxtv: "Parfait pour regarder les chaines freebox (ou autres) sur le PC" (score: 5)
  • 1 hour ago, fotonix reviewed eog: "Fast, but so basic and Spartan that the Spartans left for other apps which feature features. Useful for a quick browse, not much more." (score: 4)
  • 1 hour ago, fotonix reviewed gthumb: "Closest thing to Irfanview available in Linux. Devs, please, change JPG Comments to write into the file as GiMP and Irfanview do - not as a sidecar file. This fits 99.5% and deserves its 5 stars!" (score: 5)
  • 1 hour ago, fotonix reviewed bleachbit: "very nice to keep your system clean and running optimally." (score: 5)
  • 2 hours ago, catfly reviewed trimage: "drag and drop, easy, simple and optimize" (score: 4)