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  • 9 hours ago, angrykolyan reviewed kazam: "best" (score: 5)
  • 12 hours ago, cornell reviewed kpat: "Used for years under Ubuntu. Pretty bad under LinuxMint (17.3 Rosa Cinnamon). Text is missing from menu, there's one ugly illegible card deck, and retrieving additional card decks fails." (score: 5)
  • 12 hours ago, cornell reviewed gwenview: "Used it for years with Ubuntu. Doesn't work in Linux Mint (17.3 Rosa)" (score: 5)
  • 16 hours ago, sebadamus reviewed kde-config-grub2: "Excelent!!!" (score: 4)
  • 1 day ago, sebadamus reviewed openssh-client: "If you dont have it, you need Window$" (score: 5)