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Personal video recorder application (client and server)

Mythtv implements the following pvr features, and more, with a unified graphical interface:

- basic 'live-tv' functionality. pause/fast forward/rewind "live" tv.
- video compression using rtjpeg or mpeg-4
- program listing retrieval using xmltv
- themable, semi-transparent on-screen display
- electronic program guide
- scheduled recording of tv programs
- resolution of conflicts between scheduled recordings
- basic video editing

this package will install a complete mythtv client/server environment on a single system. if you are intended on using this as your only mythtv machine, and this machine is already configured as a desktop, this package will get you up and running switfly.

if you are intended on installing this on a standalone/non-desktop machine, you should look into the metapackages available: mythtv-backend-master (backend with a local database) mythtv-backend (backend needing a remote database)

User reviews:
1 year ago

1 Install complicated but survivable. After install it keeps corrupting its own database, making TV viewing impossible. Way too buggy for actual use.
1 year ago

1 Workflow, setup environment, config verification tools are HORRENDOUS! 15 years of computer use and this is the worst yet! 8 hours on ubuntu, mint, and mythbuntu, and Front End never even talked to Backend. Because of this I will have to stick to Win7, tks for trying.
2 years ago

5 worked for Hauppauge HD-PVR
2 years ago

1 Useless unless you can set it up. Why can't it be as simple as Metv?
3 years ago

4 Setup for Australia Region Grabber is a pain, but once done it great
3 years ago

5 Essential Media Server and PVR
3 years ago

5 Turned my old computer into a free DVR! Sure beats Windows Media Center!
4 years ago

2 Первый раз пробую