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Guest additions iso image for virtualbox

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9 reviews

Virtualbox is a free x86 virtualization solution allowing a wide range of x86 operating systems such as windows, dos, bsd or linux to run on a linux system.

this package provides an iso image which contains the guest additions for linux, solaris and windows to be installed on the host system. the guest systems then can mount the iso and install the guest additions from there.

User reviews:
1 month ago

1 DO NOT USE: This extension destroyed three VMs. Find it some where else.
2 months ago

1 I agree with the last poster. I love VirtualBox, but this version of the guest additions caused VirtualBox to be uninstalled. Had to download from Oracle's site. Don't waste your time downloading this.
2 months ago

3 I love Virutalbox-4.3 but not this virtualbox-guest-additions-iso - I need the additions iso for the 4.3 but if I install the iso the 4.3 is removed. HELLO WHO DECIDED TO BE STUPID!!! I manually found the iso on
3 months ago

5 Install this on the virtual OS. From Virtual Box menu "Devices" within virtual OS. Choose "Insert Guest Additions CD Image". This will auto-resize the virtual OS window, which is very helpful, and allow use of a shared folder which is also very helpful!
4 months ago

4 I Am new to this but I already love it
9 months ago

5 Works perfect!
1 year ago

5 Required to get full-screen 1920x1080 for guest OS.
1 year ago

5 This Works for me on mint:
2 years ago

4 So far these tools have made my screen resolutution much better. Especially for streaming NetFlix on my Window$ VM since it's one if the frew things my Mint box can't do :(