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 How to install and activate compiz on Linux Mint 13 Maya Mate edition

1- Install "compizconfig-settings-manager" and "compiz-fusion-plugins-extra"

2- In terminal run "compiz --replace"

3- Go to Startup Applications click on add and in the name field write "compiz" and in the command field enter "compiz --replace"(without the punctuation) click on Add again then Close. This is to make compiz start automatically on next logins.

4- To stop that high CPU usage run in terminal “mateconf-editor”. When the editor opens go to /desktop/mate/session/required_components/windowmanager and replace "marco" with "compiz".

5- To change window decorations install gconf-editor then run it (In terminal run "gconf-editor"). Navigate to /apps/metacity/general/theme and set the value to your Metacity theme name. Mint’s default is Mint-X.



To enable windows transparency:

install gconf-editor by running following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Now, you can launch gconf-editor from Unity Dash. You can also launch it by pressing ALT + F2 key combination and running gconf-editor as a command.

Once gconf-editor is launched, click on apps –> gwd on its left panel and then navigate to metacity_theme_active_opacity entry to make border of active window only transparent and metacity_theme_opacity entry to make border of all windows transparent.


Since, we are making all windows borders transparent we will decrease the opacity values of both the entries. In this way, we can make borders of active windows as well as all other windows transparent.

To decrease opacity level of a entry, we have to double click the entry. A Edit key dialog appears. In the Value section, decrease the value. Here in the screenshot below , we have decreased the value from 1 to 0.4 .


Now, you can see that the windows borders have become transparent and they appear blurred

There you go!!!!!!

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