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 Auto Updating the Package List for the Update Manager

The Reason

Beginning with Linux Mint 13 Maya, I think, but also in LMDE, any user will sooner or later notice that the Update Manager doesn’t mind to look for available upgrades on its own: it will always indicate “Your system is up to date” on the panel until you click on its icon and make it thus search for updates manually.

As it has been indicated on the thread “Useless auto update manager” a year ago, the solution is just a matter of installing a regular cron job that isn’t included in Mint by default for fear of blocking the apt cache. In my experience of running such a script on a weekly basis in Nadia however, the locking never occurs… At least as long as you don’t install packages the whole day over wink.

The cron job is based on an extant one for apt-xapian-index, hence it is really gentle in its processor usage — in fact, you won’t even ever know when it runs. So feel free to copy the script to a weekly cron job by pasting the content of the next section into:

…$ sudo gedit /etc/cron.weekly/apt_update

After saving the new file, make it executable by:

…$ sudo chmod +x /etc/cron.weekly/apt_update

Then, you just have to be patient until the next time an update will be available which the Update Manager will indicate to you with a nice icon in the way it ought to cool.

The Script

# /etc/cron.weekly/apt_update (MagicMint) M0518
# Taken from apt-xapian-index


# ionice should not be called in a virtual environment
# (similar to man-db cronjobs)
egrep -q '(envID|VxID):.*[1-9]' /proc/self/status || IONICE=/usr/bin/ionice

# Check if we're on battery
if which on_ac_power >/dev/null 2>&1; then
    on_ac_power >/dev/null 2>&1

    # Here we use "-eq 1" instead of "-ne 0" because
    # on_ac_power could also return 255, which means
    # it can't tell whether we are on AC or not. In
    # that case, run update-a-x-i nevertheless.
    [ "$ON_BATTERY" -eq 1 ] && exit 0

# Download lists of new/upgradable packages
if [ -x "$CMD" ]
 if [ -x "$IONICE" ]
  nice -n 19 $IONICE -c 3 $CMD update
  nice -n 19 $CMD update

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9 months ago

In LM 17.1 Rebecca, the Update Manager is working correctly again, except the following cases:
— You switch off the computer _before_ the auto-refresh timeout is reached;
— You let the computer run longer than that period, but you _log out_ from your session before.

So be aware that you still _cannot_ trust the Update Manager :-(
2 years ago

This info is the closest Ive found to my problem, but its no help. My system just recently wont/cant update though it finds package files. "Could not download all repository indexes". Sorry for the whine.

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