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 How to install a printer under Linux Operative System with CUPS web utility

CUPS is the standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS® X and other UNIX® operating systems like Linux.

The only needed is a web browser and Linux ppd file. Perhaps is needed to verify on your operative system the cups package installed.

Important: This only works on Linux and UNIX O.S. Not for use under Windows O.S.

How to do it:

1.- Open your web browser and got to http://localhost:631/

2.- Press on Administration tap and click on Add Printer. If you’re asked for user and password, type name of user and password of your operative system.

3.- Select Internet Printing Protocol (http) or printer or Other Networks Printers:

4.- On connection tab fill in: socket://hostname

For example, the hostname, could be the IP of your printer.

Something like that: socket://

5.- At this point you will be asked for Name, Description and Location of your printer. Fill in as you like and press continue.

6.- Select PPD File and browse to the folder on your computer where the PPD File is.

7.- Once you selected it, press Add Printer.

8.- Now is possible to set default options or Query Printer for Default Options.

From now the printer is ready for use. At http://localhost:631 is possible to see Printers installed on your system, configure them and manage jobs.

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Created: 3 years ago.
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2 months ago

Worked great. Thanks mucho,
4 months ago

Sorry, it didn't work on my system (linux 16 petra, KDE). It say printer is not responding. Do you have any suggestions what I can do? The tuttorial is very clear, so installing it was no problem.
4 months ago

Effortless install. Many thanks!  
5 months ago

This does not work because it does not accept the username and password.

I already did the test with the only username that has my PC and not accept it.

Is there some other user "root"?
7 months ago

With my Mint 16 Cinnamon 2.0.14, the System Parameter Printer utility was bugging. So I used this CUPS Web utility, and it worked fine. Thanks !
However, I had first to extract the open driver (PPD File) for my printer from the archive in the directory were it was already stored by Mint (/usr/share/ppd/OpenPrinting-Gutenprint/brand of my printer/printer model). Thanks again !
9 months ago

thanks, it was very helpful  
9 months ago

thanks, it was very helpful  
10 months ago

Just want to tell you: this tut was perfect!!
Had my old trusty Epson Stylus up & printing in 4 minutes
thank you :)
1 year ago

If would be helpful if this tutorial contained one or more links to other information about using CUPS and related linux printing features.

Once you add your printer, CUPS offers a broad set of features to take data from a variety of applications and in various formats, transform that data, and present the appropriate bits for output to the printer devices.
1 year ago

I created complete tutorial with pictures here
If you having problems with drivers for printers in linux we found driver that works for almost every printer. It is ljet4. read more here:
2 years ago

Thanks Miguel I had been trying to get my printer to work for days and this totally helped out.  
2 years ago

i am running a live system with no passwords . local host asks for password
what to does not accept blank password

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