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 Installing the non-free nvidia-driver on Linux Mint Debian Edition

For the nvidia cards listed in

install following packages:

nvidia-kernel-dkms nvidia-glx build-essential nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig

When done, execute


in the shell. after a reboot, the driver is installed.

For older cards listed in

install following packages:

nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-dkms nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx build-essential 
nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig

When done, execute


in the shell. after a reboot, the driver is installed.

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Created: 3 years ago.
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1 week ago

Do you know where Quadro K1000M should be listed? My Lenovo W530 is one year old, so must be in "new" list, although I still cannot install drivers in any way (I see just a blinking cursor)?  
2 years ago

Sorry but this approach did not work for me under the latest 201204RC. I have Alienware M11x with GT540M GPU. I also installed the driver manually but in either case I get a blank screen after booting up (both in standard and recovery mode). Any suggestion on what could cause the problem and maybe how to fix it? Should I roll back to 201109 and update the system that way? Could it be a 64-bit vs a 32-bit issue with the base OS?

Thanks for your time!!
2 years ago

1. Even if you forget to execute $sudo nvidia-xconfig here is how to go about
Boot into recovery mode, enter su password
enter command sudo nvidia-xconfig
2. Remove nouveau driver $sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau libdrm-nouveau1a
3. Reboot and there you are with new nvidia driver loaded
2 years ago

What about the 96.43.xx driver for GeForce4 420 Go 32M?  
2 years ago

found perfect soultion here
2 years ago

wish me luck found this site
2 years ago

Hello all,I am a noob at mint.I have tryed to install nvidia card but there is some problem with mint 11 getting which card it is lshw command says:
description: VGA compatible controller
product: G73 [GeForce Go 7600]
vendor: nVidia Corporation
physical id: 0
bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
version: a1
width: 64 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom
configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0
resources: irq:16 memory:cd000000-cdffffff memory:d0000000-dfffffff memory:ce000000$
and card exists in both lists
Help me please
2 years ago

This worked perfectly for me, replacing nouveau drivers that couldn't cope with Linux kernel 3.0.0. Now I can boot up into the latest version of LMDE. Thanks very much.  
2 years ago

doesn´t work for me mate, my X server no longer starts...
but, i followed this instructions and works fine (actually pretty nice)
sorry about my english (mi lengua natal es castellano ;) )
...hope this serves as something to someone
2 years ago

If you want to use the GUI wizard instead of mucking about in xorg.conf: AFTER you run the steps outlined above:

% nvidia-settings

This tremendously helped and got my Dual Monitors setup quickly.
2 years ago

To remove nvidia Logo at gdm startup:

I've added this to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "Device"
Identifier "NVIDIA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Driver "nvidia"

Add the following line below it

Option "NoLogo"
2 years ago

it works great!  
2 years ago

works great for me. i've got nvidia drivers working great.  
3 years ago

Don't know how to Koninator... this nvclock thing is new to me... i have taken a look at it but I don't know much. i assume you have tried putting the command nvclock -f -F 40 in the startup-programs?  
3 years ago

Could you make fan control tutorial? I can change fan sped from 100 to 40 but when I restart PC, speed is back to 100. So I need permanent solution. And also I have to run command $ nvclock -F 40 -f few times to begin working.
3 years ago

Thx Elisa, didn't see it... it's corrected now  
3 years ago

Nise, just I'd suggest to press enter after 'build-essential' for the second source because the rest looks like hidden in the right page margin.  

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