#001: ISO label

How to reproduce:

If the ISO is burnt to a CD, simply insert the CD and check the name of the volume that appears on the desktop.

You can also check the label of the ISO file without burning it:

  • Make sure the genisoimage package is installed (it contains the command isoinfo)
  • Type isoinfo -d -i filename.iso in the terminal
  • The ISO label is the value that appears next to "Volume id".
What to expect:

The ISO volume ID (or CD name) should contain:

  • The name "Linux Mint"
  • The release version
  • The name of the edition (unless it's Gnome, in which case it doesn't mention it)
  • The architecture (32-bit or 64-bit)

For instance: "Linux Mint 10 KDE 32-bit"