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com.discordapp.Discord Kilo7: "almost perfect" (score: 5) 8 hours ago
xyz.z3ntu.razergenie Kilo7: "About as good as I could expect for a Linux port (razer basilisk x hyperspeed and razer ornata v2)" (score: 5) 8 hours ago
com.uploadedlobster.peek jimFrog: "I just loaded on machine with Linux Mint 20.2 and it seems to work fairly well. Recorded a couple of short videos with not trouble." (score: 4) 14 hours ago
minecraft-launcher lorhan: "Funciona muito bem!" (score: 5) 1 day ago
thunderbird-locale-de lm-user-de: "De/EU: Wird Thunderbird 91 in den Paketquellen implementiert? TH 91 kann "nur" als FlatPack installiert werden, was völlig okay ist! Trotzdem denke ich, dass hier zu TH 78 gewarnt werden sollte! TH 78 hat Bugs und wird nicht mehr supportet. Darüber sollte Mozilla/Entwickler eigentlich die User in der Community informieren! Eine massive Sicherheitslücke, die die TB 78.x-Serie betrifft, wurde angeblich aktiv ausgenutzt. Da die Upstream-Unterstützung für Thunderbird 78.x jedoch beendet ist, ist es offensichtlich unwahrscheinlich, dass der Fehler jemals behoben wird. Ja und ich schlage vor den TB-Fork «» als Alternative in die PPA'a einzupflegt? En/Brexitania: Is Thunderbird 91 implemented in the package sources? TH 91 can be installed "only" as FlatPack, which is perfectly okay! Nevertheless, I think that here should be warned to TH 78! TH 78 has bugs and is no longer supported. About this Mozilla/developer should actually inform the users in the community! A massive security vulnerability affecting the TB 78.x series has reportedly been actively exploited. However, since upstream support for Thunderbird 78.x has ended, it is obviously unlikely that the bug will ever be fixed. Yes and I suggest adding the TB fork "" to the PPA'a as an alternative?" (score: 3) 1 day ago
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