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io.mrarm.mcpelauncher c00lhawk607: "Just one problem with this one, there isn't support for custom skins yet and it would be really cool if you added it in! I can see this project going far if more updates are put into it but so far it runs perfectly (for me anyway on linux mint 20 cinnamon) and I hope to see this project do well." (score: 4) 23 hours ago
com.github.unrud.VideoDownloader tpcs: "So far 5 for 5 successfully done. 4-12-21 LM 20.1 Cinnamon " (score: 5) 1 day ago
org.openshot.OpenShot jfj33: "Basically unusable, constantly hangs and freezes for no discernible reason. Sorry, I prefer not to leave bad reviews for open source projects for obvious reasons, but Openshot has been like this for years and was just as unusable the last time I tried it. Hard pass." (score: 1) 1 day ago
zbarcam-qt jcoles: "Works well from image files. What is the minimum camera requirement? I could not detect or decode with my Logitech C270 720p webcam. The app needs integration with the desktop. Add a .desktop file, so that the app is added to the menu. Also, add drag and drop for image files." (score: 3) 1 day ago
qtqr jcoles: "Works with image files from a scanner. Doesn't work with my webcam which is a typical one that does not zoom and cannot focus sharply on anything closer than 30cm or so. After many tries, holding the paper still at the minimum distance that is still in focus, QtQR decodes the URL in the QR code as "43". WRONG! Please specify camera requirements, how large the QR code must be in the captured image, etc." (score: 3) 1 day ago
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