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  • 5 hours ago, Caltrop reviewed gpsbabel: "it is NOT GUI, it is a terminal program..." (score: 3)
  • 7 hours ago, Caltrop reviewed gnome-disk-utility: "has issues with partitioning & FAT formatting; used fdisk instead then format whatever" (score: 3)
  • 7 hours ago, Caltrop reviewed xed: "not bad but needs work, issues with larger files (>500kB), good for coding but I prefer Geany" (score: 4)
  • 8 hours ago, Knezev87 reviewed cheese: "radi!!" (score: 5)
  • 15 hours ago, Anotheroneuser reviewed geany: "Wonderful program! But geany-1.31 is available since Jul. 17, 2017..." (score: 5)