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sublime-text InvisibleRasta 1 just bad. regret the time i installed it to try it. There is better alternatives 10 hours ago
sublime-text jepe 1 NOT FREE $100 (the fact that we can use it -- as long as they think it's good for them to let us ... 15 hours ago
materia-gtk-theme SebastJava 4 I like it. Unlike many others, the selections are not in reverse. Just black text on a pastel colore... 19 hours ago
com.tracktion.Waveform madwilson 2 This version doesn't seem to work on Linux Mint 21.3 either. very disappointed 1 day ago
org.shotcut.Shotcut Marco4mp 5 The best free and opensource video editor I have used on Linux so far. The development of the projec... 1 day ago
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vlc 2783
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gparted 1457
gimp 1204
opera 977
wine 792
filezilla 766
audacity 725
thunderbird 672
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