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us.zoom.Zoom CitaroSR: "It works as Zoomm but I hate Zoom for doing this: TO USE A VIRTUAL BACLGROUND ON LINUX U NEED A GREEN SCREEN Zoom, that is evil" (score: 5) 4 hours ago
chromium-browser alexhe20: "Good browser!" (score: 4) 5 hours ago
audacity Chima: "Great open-source audio editing software. For some reason though, VST tools (specifically GSnap et al.) do not seem to work as they should on my x86_64 machine. They seem to crash the program EVERY SINGLE TIME I run them. Otherwise, the program runs like a river! :)" (score: 4) 13 hours ago
atom Chima: "This is the best text editor I've tried so far. I somehow prefer it to VSCode (VSCodium, actually). However, it would be nice if the startup time were to be cut down. Other than that, Atom truly is wonderful." (score: 4) 14 hours ago
com.gitlab.bitseater.meteo Captn138: "App is very accurate, dark theme is clean. I would love if some things could be changed in the systray thought: 1. Add the temperature 2. Make the icons visible because right now I can see the space for the icons but I don't see any icons. (I am using a dark theme for Mint)" (score: 4) 20 hours ago
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