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  • 14 hours ago, richallcorn reviewed kdenetwork-filesharing: "This app only installs the dolphin file browser. And while it is a really great featured browser, there is no configuration utilies for NFS sharing or Samba, as advertised." (score: 2)
  • 16 hours ago, Jethvasagar reviewed virtualbox-dkms: "Great app for Virtual Box...!" (score: 4)
  • 20 hours ago, sleper90 reviewed indicator-cpufreq: "no found mint 19 mate " (score: 2)
  • 1 day ago, governmint reviewed firejail: "It totally killed my Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 I had to rebuild my system. NOT recommanded." (score: 1)
  • 1 day ago, Reptop reviewed steam-launcher: "Dont use for mint 18.1 " (score: 3)