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gwenview nissimnanach: "Right-clicked, from Nemo, a directory to open, gave error "/(directory) can not be opened". Opening single file worked." (score: 1) 3 hours ago
skypeforlinux sergalexandr: " skype needs to be updated, how to do it?" (score: 3) 7 hours ago
font-manager kbainas: " Using Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon Edition and it works great ! You can install a lot of fonts at the same time and it ignores the allready installed ones.4 of 5 stars becouse the waterfall from the Font manager doesn't work. " (score: 4) 14 hours ago
xreader rdlf4: "I expected much more from a PDF reader that comes with Linux MInt. There is no dark mode, adjusting the zoom level is annoying as hell to do on the touchpad, and most importantly the autoscroll feature should be configurable, I HATE this feature and cannot disable it! Matterfact this is the reason I'm looking for another PDF reader to replace xreader with." (score: 2) 19 hours ago
minecraft-installer Th3Gr0ggySl0th: "I think I know why it doesn't work for us linux mint users, this version is for Xenial, not Bionic." (score: 2) 22 hours ago
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