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rawtherapee mimesis: "It's a very sensitive program, which means that it takes time and patience to get the results you need. Delicate, the adjustments you can do aren't invasive, of course if you dedicate the time needed. Not for everybody, not even to me." (score: 3) 26 seconds ago
qalculate linuxovios: "The version in repositories is VERY old." (score: 5) 16 minutes ago
fotoxx mimesis: "Accomplish the essential functions, it has many features that I won't really use, but the few were ok to me. The graphic of the application is still raw. Unfortunately was not for me. Even tho I recommend giving a try to make your own opinion." (score: 3) 40 minutes ago
wine-desktop-files MartyB71: "Does Not work. When opening the application it uses Archive Manager instead of Wine." (score: 1) 5 hours ago
tlp Juan: "Funciona y cumple lo que promete. La bateria dura un poco más" (score: 5) 15 hours ago
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