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com.brave.Browser SHenion: "Follow the instruction on the brave website to install. This version is a bit old. The Brave website version will import Chrome and FF settings. The flatpack version required manually export/import. Their version is faster and uses less memory." (score: 5) 16 hours ago
com.belmoussaoui.Authenticator Taffy: "Freaking god-send if you ask me, I recommend it there is issues with it. Such as not being able to screenshot qr codes but doing it manually works like a charm!" (score: 5) 1 day ago
arc-theme Linux-Eddie: "Very nice, I like it." (score: 5) 1 day ago
org.cryptomator.Cryptomator sinf1226: "I have just started to use it and it looks great, especially for the cloud storage where several solutions are expensive and does not guarantee a real encryption and privacy" (score: 5) 1 day ago
python3-tk roni: "Works!" (score: 5) 1 day ago
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