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lyx Elettra: "Very nice" (score: 5) 6 hours ago
frozen-bubble Elettra: "Very nice" (score: 5) 6 hours ago
gthumb olafthelofty: "Cinammon 21, Gthumb 3.12.0 - Nearly perfect now the mousewheel can be configured for zoom. I'd like themes, the left sidebar to be configurable and an option to ask with to close the app as I often close meaning to go back to the browser but those are minor issues compared to the excellent (for me) functionality." (score: 5) 12 hours ago
com.github.louis77.tuner kurniadji97: "A little tiny apps that not just for listening radio stream, but also can watch some TV channel. Just search "TV" , and than you can try if it can be used for watching TV. Very thank @louis77 ! !" (score: 5) 13 hours ago
com.hamrick.VueScan Norbert: "Can not install (mint una 20.3). A scanning software that inserts watermarks into the images and only removes this function against payment is not FREE! This has no place in a Linux repository." (score: 2) 14 hours ago
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