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imagination mib_7opnwb: "mp3 audio files are not completely and properly imported (e.g., they are "clipped" or reduced in length). Also, the reported time durations (e.g., for effects, slides, etc.) are not accurate. Running Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon." (score: 1) 18 minutes ago
nemo SalvoRubino: "Sencerely... the best filemanager! I use Nemo on every distro because, differently from others, Nemo is: solid, simple by default, enable desktop usage and is really fast. With new updates, nemo is a complete filemanager that haven't competitors. It looks elegant and beautiful oob but, if you want, you can easily change some settings. Nemo can respect my workflow and accelerate my dayli operations. I advice to use it in every distributions ;)" (score: 5) 34 minutes ago
calf-plugins chpicolo: "This is definetively the best set of plug-ins for Linux that I ever seen. Only the multiband compressor still have a confuse interface if compared to Waves equivalent plug-ins on other platforms. I love this set since 2013, but since the last updates, it became extremelly slow to load when playing back tracks on Ardour. Hope that new updates fix it." (score: 4) 38 minutes ago
geary SalvoRubino: "The best email client (in my experience) because: work very well, integrates with differen de (kde, cinnamon, gnome and so on) but, the most important point, it have a look that makes work easier... No complications; you can view preview on left and email on right, preview have 3 lines and every seems clean and robust." (score: 5) 46 minutes ago
flameshot yvesz: "Excellent. Lean and neat! Multi-color edit with arrow, rectangular, circle, blurring.. when the screen is captured. I got more than what I bargained for." (score: 5) 50 minutes ago
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