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cheese PareshGaur: "Very simple and perfect app for camera purposes." (score: 5) 50 minutes ago
partitionmanager nordeide: "Useful for creating exFAT partitions, as GParted doesn't support that. As pointed out by others, the application needs to be run as administrator by opening a Terminal window and running the command 'sudo partitionmanager'." (score: 4) 1 hour ago
xbacklight donzooles: "." (score: 5) 6 hours ago
calibre Give_Trees_A_Chance: "DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS! As specified on their official website, download the OFFICIAL latest release. At this time it is 4.11.2 which is MUCH newer." (score: 1) 7 hours ago
gnumeric rahul: "An awesome, lightweight app. Most of my work is very simple, requires saving as .csv files though. To do so go to Data -> Export data -> Export as .csv file. Goodbye heavy ass Libreoffice." (score: 5) 7 hours ago
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