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spotify-client PhilJames: "Brilliant!! Love my music, and adore this app ..... works flawlessly." (score: 5) 6 hours ago
keepassx JDubois450: "Not compatible with 1st version of Keepass Database. :-(" (score: 3) 14 hours ago
xiphos jastombaugh: "Fast and efficient, this one has worked very well for me. It takes a wee bit of configuring. (I accidentally saved myself a bunch of time by trying to set up BibleTime first before installing Xiphos... which, apparently must use the same setup info, as Xiphos installed and started up pre-cofigured with what I was trying to accomplish with BibleTime) It can take a little bit of patience to configure, or to hunt down specific modules if what you need isn't in the repository. Works great as a concordance and some-what as a lexicon. If this package doesn't quite suite your needs, I HIGHLY recommend BibleAnalyzer by Timothy Morton, as it is also free, but amazingly powerful. (@prefersummer2 - AV & TSK, I whole-heartedly agree!) Note: Xiphos package has also been built for ARM processors, and works great on the pinebook!" (score: 5) 16 hours ago
youtube-dl knockwaffel: "If you get an error try sudo youtube-dl -U to update." (score: 5) 1 day ago
org.gimp.GIMP zerocoolroot: "Works great for me in Linux Mint 19.1..!!" (score: 3) 1 day ago
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