6 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Rejected
exploder 6 years ago

The update this morning completely fixed the theme issue.

clem 6 years ago

Thanks, I can confirm the last two bugs.

I don't see them as blocker though, so I'm accepting this ISO.

jan-olof 6 years ago

Running live. The six leftmost menues in LibreOffice look a bit strange.

exploder 6 years ago

Changed to warning on themes. They all work and look good but under Desktop, Mint Y and Mint Y Dark have question marks in front of them.

exploder 6 years ago

I should have read a little further! Thanks

clem 6 years ago

Hi exploder,

It's explained in the test case. In Cinnamon you need to use gsettings.

exploder 6 years ago

#008 - I see no way to turn fortunes on.