7 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: MATE
Status: Rejected
clem 7 years ago

I fixed the background not showing in isolinux also. New ISOs coming up today.

clem 7 years ago

I'll ship with the default colors in the BETA. Depending on the feedback we'll patch mate-terminal or just ignore the issue.

clem 7 years ago

Yep, they don't know either.

Monsta 7 years ago

Oh. Theme issues are something out of scope for me... maybe ask JosephM and raveit65 for help?

clem 7 years ago

I'll do all that for the next LMDE monsta, there's no need to do it right now.

We've an issue with mate-terminal though... the last commit I did on mint-themes-gtk3 on the 3.14 branch isn't good, it creates issues with Evolution. I need to revert it.

Monsta 7 years ago

One more thing: mint-meta-debian-codecs depends on vlc-plugin-pulse which is a dummy transitional package (in both Jessie and deb-multimedia repos). So I'd remove this dependency.


Monsta 7 years ago

I'd still remove gnome-session-bin just in case, and maybe policykit-1-gnome as well.

clem 7 years ago

All other bugs fixed in upcoming ISO.

I left the evolution-data-server and other unecessary packages in there. They're no harm, we don't need the space right now and some of them have been lose deps in the past (I remember evolution-data-server-common for instance being needed without explicit deps in the GNOME 2 era by GNOME apps), and I can see in recent Mint releases gnome-bluetooth depending on it too.

clem 7 years ago

mate-system-tools and mintwifi removed from the repos.

clem 7 years ago

Fixed the page layout.

cpatrick08 7 years ago

The comments on this page aren't showing fully.

Monsta 7 years ago

Need to remove mate-system-tools from the repo. They won't work in MATE 1.16.

It was requested at the forums as well...

Monsta 7 years ago

Interesting, mintwifi and several ndiswrapper-* packages are installed...

I see that mintwifi is not in 18.x repos, so maybe it should be removed here too?

Monsta 7 years ago

Package mint-artwork-debian contains obsolete stuff:




Package mint-artwork-mate contains some wrong key in schema override:

No such key 'theme' in schema 'org.gnome.metacity' as specified in override file '/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/mint-artwork-mate.gschema.override'; ignoring override for this key.


Monsta 7 years ago

Suggestion: update mate-themes to the latest 3.14.x version

Monsta 7 years ago

There are some packages installed that aren't needed in MATE:















They can be safely removed.

Monsta 7 years ago

Ok... now mate-system-monitor isn't installed, there's gnome-system-monitor in its place.

There's also some magic in debian-system-adjustments to make g-s-m work in MATE.

I suggest fixing all that...

clem 7 years ago

mate-system-tools replaced (also fixed some visual bug in gnome-system-tools services-admin).

clem 7 years ago

OK I just fixed the crash in live-installer.

I might need more info or a PR for btrfs support.

grub-efi looks like it's being added.

Afaik LMDE never ejected the live medium in the past. I think that's set in casper in Mint...

Monsta 7 years ago

Reminder: need to replace mate-system-tools with gnome-system-tools.

Also remove mate-system-tools from the repo, they don't work in 1.16 anyway.

Monsta 7 years ago

Something new... after installation and reboot (as prompted by installer), the system didn't ask me to remove the installation disk and press Enter. So it booted from the ISO again, and I had to choose to boot from local drive in the menu. This is in VirtualBox, but I don't remember it acting this way in the past.

Monsta 7 years ago

A couple of bug reports on other topics, as a reminder:



Monsta 7 years ago

Here's the bug report about it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1436586

Monsta 7 years ago

I give up on trying to format the text properly, it comes out ugly anyway.

Monsta 7 years ago

Reminder: installer still shows error dialog and then quits, if you tell it to not create any partitions on an empty drive (when there's only one drive in the system):

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/usr/lib/live-installer/frontend/gtk_interface.py", line 782, in wizard_cb


  File "/usr/lib/live-installer/partitioning.py", line 71, in build_partitions

    installer.partitions_browser.load_string(partition_setup.get_html(installer._selected_disk), 'text/html', 'UTF-8', 'file:///')

  File "/usr/lib/live-installer/partitioning.py", line 304, in get_html

    return self.html_disks[disk]

KeyError: '/dev/sda'


Monsta 7 years ago

Now that's something completely unexpected for me O_o