5 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: MATE
Status: Rejected
clem 5 years ago

  • OK, Keeping gnome-calculator but removing the hard dep from mint-meta so you can remove it easily.

  • Turns out libX11-dev was added as a missing dependency to Giver (this goes way back, to the GNOME 2 era) :) Removing it as well.

Monsta 5 years ago

Can't remove gnome-calculator or gcalctool without removing mint-meta-mate. Wanted to replace it with mate-calc... maybe it should be installed by default?

Also mint-meta-mate depends on libx11-dev, weird... there's nothing useful for common users...

monsta@sonya ~ $ apt content libx11-dev




























Monsta 5 years ago

I didn't find any issues on the first look, so I decided to look at my old comments from 18 and 18.1 testing... there we go, found this one :)

clem 5 years ago

Well spotted Monsta!

It's harmless, pastebin support was moved from mintsystem into xapps-common, they're more or less the same, with xapps-common adding support for fpaste (for Fedora).

Not a release blocker, but we'll get that cleaned up with an update for mintsystem.

Monsta 5 years ago

There's still a shadowed pastebin executable, is that ok?

monsta@sonya ~ $ apt contains bin/pastebin

mintsystem: /usr/local/bin/pastebin

xapps-common: /usr/bin/pastebin