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Status: Rejected
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Registered: 4 months ago


Untested cases (14)

CategoryTest case
Each ISO#038: Installation with custom-partitioning
Each ISO#039: Other OS in Grub
Each ISO#111: EFI Installation
Edition#003: Plymouth text theme
Edition#004: Plymouth default theme
Edition#023: Temp files on edit
Edition#036: Localized installation
Edition#037: mintWelcome
Edition#041: mintUpdate
Edition#107: Encrypt Home Folder
Edition#113: Ask password on suspend
Edition#114: OEM installation
Edition#115: Broadcom chipset
Edition#116: NVIDIA Prime support

Failed cases (1)

Test caseReportsSuccessWarningsFailures
#110 Screensaver - lock screen - switch user1001

Warning cases (1)

Test caseReportsSuccessWarningsFailures
#043: mintInstall1010

Succeeded cases (27)

Test caseReportsSuccessWarningsFailures
#000: Integrity check1100
#001: ISO label1100
#010 Clean root dir1100
#105: Boot Hybrid ISO via USB1100
#005: Network Manager1100
#005c: Kernel metapackage1100
#006: Terminal quick-access1100
#008: Terminal fortunes and colors1100
#011 /etc/apt/preferences.d1100
#019: LSB and info file1100
#020: Ctrl, Alt, Backspace1100
#021: Login Manager branding1100
#022: Home folders1100
#024: Delete permanently1100
#026: Open as root1100
#027: Backgrounds1100
#028: Themes1100
#029: Firefox branding1100
#042: apt sources1100
#042: Software Manager easy access1100
#043: apt policy1100
#044: apt update1100
#045: repository keys1100
#047: Online Plugins and File associations1100
#048: All applications1100
#106: Laptop battery/bluetooth1100
#034: IRC auto-connect1100



4 months ago

Regarding steam and all, you shouldn't install apps in the live session, it will eat your system memory (since the FS is read-only on the medium). The reason they're not available is simply because the APT cache isn't built yet. You can workaround this by refreshing the cache (apt update).

There's no reason for the screen locker to work in live mode, if anything it would get in the way of your installation.


4 months ago

New ISO coming up, with fixes for both issues.


4 months ago

CTRL+Alt+L doesn't lock the screen


4 months ago

When I changed it from modern to traditional it changed my theme to mint x and my desktop to Linuxmint


4 months ago

Nevermind I found it in the welcome screen


4 months ago

couldn't find the setting to set the panel from modern to traditional


4 months ago

couldn't install Steam or multimedia codes from mintinstall. on live usb,  It showed as not availavle.


4 months ago

Home dir encryption doesn't work. In syslog, we get an error saying the kernel doesn't support filename encryption, and this results in the user account not being set up properly and we're unable to log in graphically (the home dir doesn't get un-encrypted). This ISO ships wih the same kernel as 19. Ecryptfs is the same as before. The installer ships with a fix to /etc/crypttab, but reverting it doesn't help.

The text plymouth theme doesn't look properly centered.