4 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: MATE
Status: Approved for BETA release
enyc 4 years ago

R.e. issues with multitouch input and GTK/Menus, as noted on the Cinnamon BETA image.
I can also produce touch input issues under the MATE image, albeit not with the main menu.

For example, opening MATE terminal and trying to Edit -> Profiles using multitouch -- you can invariably get Edit menu open, but trying to select Profiles with multitouch just doesn't work -- it may highlight "Profiles..." line in green, but not actually activate!.

Touch-input that actually creates these cases is given in evbug logs here:-
Also, remember another in IRC can reproduce issues with HP convertible. I cannot reproduce the issue using Thinkpad Pen-input (which is not multi-touch, has a rather more specific 'click' emulation I think...).

Note, that touch seems to "generally" work but drop-down-menus, and pop-up Cinnamon menu seem to be particular cases of failure...

*hint*hint* Can somebody in the USA get clem a multitouch-input laptop/netbook/convertible-tablet?

clem 4 years ago

wrong icon in engrampa compress action
wrong icon in change color action

theme settings
folder icons too big
mint-x background too dark

titlebar buttons are blurry