3 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Approved for BETA release
enyc 3 years ago

A 3rd feature-consideration, I would like you to consider if:-

1) nemo-media-columns could have a "media summary" column that shows EXIF-date followed by size and other lesser info for pics,
length and then rate/type for audio, length and resolution and type, for videos, for example, as opposed to separate "exclusive" types.

2) if nemo-media-columns sufficiently stable and safe, include in 19.3 by default.

3) Consider making it more obvious how to add columns, seem to be right-clicking on "any heading" at present to find this without preferences dialogs, which is somewhat non-obvious!.

With thanks,

enyc 3 years ago

Next observation (bug?? previously worked-around??) is that this version likes black-screening when booted inside Virtualbox 6.0.14 on AMD64 linux host with intel graphics. Virtual-graphics in the "VboxSVGA" mode with neither 2D or 3D accel. Installer and even fully-updated "installed" system has to be booted either with "nomodeset" or full blown 'compatibility mode' to get any display!.
Installing virtualbox-guest-dkms, and rebooting, THEN sending a ctrl-alt-backspace (via insert menu), then (kind of) works ...
This is, "suboptimal" shall we say!... May be better to include virtualbox guest module out of the box, or otherwise auto-trigger default no-mode-setting in this circumstance??.

enyc 3 years ago

This may be more of feature-request than bug in beta, but, -- having seen changelog, fixes for file browsers accepting LANG properly, etc...

I have definitely wondered if the Locale-setting facility (installer and otherwise), ought to offer the possibility of tickbox for "ISO format dates YYYY-MM-DD" that then sets LC_TIME=en_DK.UTF-8 in /etc/default/locale or /etc/environment .... This works to implement ISO-dates on lots of programs!...