11 months ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Rejected
clem 11 months ago

We need to wait on translations... so maybe another day or two. We'll speed up QA on the new ISOs since almost all cases pass already.

clem 11 months ago

We're adding a new option in the installer to make the call to badblocks optional. When using full disk encryption, badblocks is currently always called to fill the disk with random data... that can take up to 10h on slow HDDs.

clem 11 months ago

Yes, I don't think we'll manage to fix the umount errors on reboot. It's a bit of a race condition and only cosmetic.

Monsta 11 months ago

Installer tries to unmount all the live mounts...


...but apparently one of these fails. I think I saw the message about squashfs being busy before these errors... it was still used and couldn't be unmounted.

enyc 11 months ago

Boot-menu much better!
Still getting SquashFS gazillion errors even if sometimes hidden, and again, nonterminal.
For example, edit the default boot entry to remove the quiet splash -- ... Then shutdown from mint menu...