3 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Approved for Stable release
enyc 3 years ago

5.8.0-36 has hit focal-updates as the official hwe kernel anyhow. Incompatibility with bcmwl-source has showed up, possibly nvidia-340 (important for older cards...), and otherwise! Shows some of the #ubuntu-bugs-announce of late!.

enyc 3 years ago

@clem  -- How do you install the broadcom backport bcmwl-source on an existing mint20 or mint20.1 ?
I wish to test all this (new bcmwl and new kernels) on a machine where the bcmwl-source has never worked before, but b43-firmware-installer does, oddly...

clem 3 years ago

This is strange.. broadcom drivers get automatically installed in this ISO. They're considered FOSS by ubuntu-drivers. Ah, well, that's even better I guess.

clem 3 years ago

This is re-test on Broadcom, I'll just test core tests and broadcom.