11 months ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Rejected
clem 11 months ago

Backgrounds are in.
FF updated to 95.
bugs fixed in cinnamon/nemo/hypnotix/mint-themes.

Rolling new ISOs.

clem 11 months ago

Hi Larry, that's OK. Although Celluloid is portrayed as a video player, it's a mime-handler... i.e. it's an application we use to open files rather than something we launch by itself to manage a collection.

In comparison rhythmbox handles its own collection or music, radios etc.. similar to spotify, it's something that can be more complicated visually and that can take longer to open.

larry78723 11 months ago

The default program for mp3's is set to Celluloid, I believe it should be set to Rhythmbox.