9 months ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Rejected
clem 9 months ago

New ISO coming up.

mtwebster 9 months ago

network-manager password entry for wifi doesn't grab focus.

mtwebster 9 months ago

Endless SQUASHFS errors rebooting in vbox after install. No prompt still as noted but it does wait for the enter key. (This happened last iso in vbox only, real hardware had no wait, it just rebooted).

System booted fine after hard reset.

mtwebster 9 months ago

Firefox is still debbie

larry78723 9 months ago

Still no "Please remove installation media" message after install and restart

clem 9 months ago


- tried to fix reboot msg after installation
- filter unknown languages
- apply fsck flags on /boot and /boot/info
- umount btrfs post-install
- passphrase/user fix checks
- fix passphrase containing symbols
- added translations
- remove grub-pc residual config
- allow swap edit
- use ram instead of /tmp for temp files

Fixed sane-airscan conflict.

Add ipp-usb by default.