2 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Approved for BETA release
enyc 1 year ago

@clem  -- key comment on firefox profiles -- a problem that seems to keep hitting users for me, is that if you upgrade, or backup and keep your ".mozilla" (profiles), you easily maintain linuxmint homepage which eventually takes you to a "system out of support" linuxmint page, even if actual linuxmint has been correctly updated.
Please consider in the new firefox arrangement, if firefox homepage can be set in some other manner, with some other mechanism to indicate linuxmint version that doesn't depend upon autocreated profile so these 'false alarms' do not occur...

clem 1 year ago

larry: Firefox is OK following the Mozilla partnership. It's the test case which is no longer correct imo. For mintupdate, the automation is to install automatically, but when you check for updates it should check everything no matter what.

larry78723 2 years ago

Update Manager is checking for spices updates even with it turned off in Preferences -->Automation. If turned off, it should never check for them.

mtwebster 2 years ago

Text plymouth is just 3 dots, no text.

larry78723 2 years ago

Firefox Branding - not at LM start page, minty extension not installed.