5 months ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Rejected
clem 5 months ago

eject msg updated in live-installer.

New ISOs coming up.

clem 5 months ago

autoremove add to the roadmap for 21.3. It will be backported towards LMDE 6 at a later stage when/if it's introduced in 21.3.

clem 5 months ago

mint-meta-codecs/mintreport fixed in the repos, will be included in the next ISO.

enyc 5 months ago

Albeit, installed from the previous testing-iso (but I don't think thats significant for this) --
"System Reports' (mintreport) comes up with "Install multimedia codecs" which then fails with resultant "Package libavcodec-extra58 doesn't exist" [is now extra59]
"libavcodec-extra" metapackage would be better as that then installs the appropriate version on the various different Debian variants.

clem 5 months ago

The following bugs were fixed in this ISO:

+ plymouth: no eject message on reboot/shutdown
+ live-installer: partition preview wraps to two lines
+ live-installer: no edition partition button
+ live: password is "live", should be blank
+ console: shows legal disclaimer about Debian
+ broadcom: wl driver fails to load
+ microcode: should be loaded in the live-session