3 weeks ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Approved for BETA release
enyc 2 weeks ago

Turns out Fedora turned on ZRAM and in Particular, System76 / PopOS made a carefully worked out script to do simplified zram-generator so as to avoid any detriment to users ...
I'll see what I can do to get that upstreamed to Ubuntu and Debian as you suggest. User Guide or a "minttweaks" if you like could certainly suggest trying zram-tools and the like, nonetheless, in mean-time.

enyc 3 weeks ago

Observation: FireFox on this live-session goes through the whole "setup" and all of that.
May be more helpful to include an "already set up" .mozilla/firefox/ for live-session purposes, in my view.

mtwebster 3 weeks ago

transmission search icon oversized in Mint-Y, Adwaita

enyc 3 weeks ago

Testing images have : in filename which creates havoc on dos/windows or trying to check behaviour with (very popular) Ventoy booting. YYYY-MM-DD_HH.MM or similar would make more sense avoid the : entirely. Appreciate this won't affect final beta or completed release image files.