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  • 3 hours ago, dsquared reviewed qupzilla: "March 2018 - light & fast.on my old tank of a machine. way faster than firefox. Would be nice if they upgraded to a version 2 or falkon (Version 3) . The V1.8.9 currently on repo is really kind of stale as it was released Nov 11, 2015" (score: 4)
  • 7 hours ago, Diogo reviewed com.spotify.Client: "This is a good think to use apps, but the installation is slow a lot. The convenvial mode is fasters then flatpak mode." (score: 5)
  • 7 hours ago, ld1duck reviewed virtualbox-qt: "Works perfectly on Mint 18.1 ... It has been much more reliable than VMware player" (score: 5)
  • 9 hours ago, Falleyrq reviewed org.signal.Signal: "I'm not able to get Signal to open up on my computer. This has nothing do with the application as I'm not even able to use it since I can not open. I will revist the review once I'm able to test and use the application." (score: 1)
  • 1 day ago, arxzel reviewed io.atom.Atom: "Excelente software, se demora instalando como 30 minutos (Aunque no lo pareciera) pero vale la pena." (score: 3)