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  • 1 hour ago, Vasilis_K reviewed nemo-image-converter: "Great tool!" (score: 5)
  • 1 hour ago, aduffbrew reviewed libmono-addins-gui0.2-cil: "Works like a charm." (score: 5)
  • 3 hours ago, MiguelBarboz reviewed calf-plugins: "Perfect" (score: 5)
  • 5 hours ago, ayannath reviewed gimp: "the best. Better than photoshop. Quick open, small, less memory resource, and FREE!! ***** star" (score: 5)
  • 12 hours ago, linu2812 reviewed pokerth: "What's the use of a poker application if you can't play online because of frequent freezes and disconnections ? Having a wonderful hand blowed just like that isn't exactly the heart of poker enjoyement." (score: 2)