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  • 6 hours ago, tobeagea reviewed qtractor: "Qtractor 0.7.7 is out since April 2016. But also the 0.5.11-version from 2013 (LinuxMint 17.n xfce, repository) has the very flexible bus system, no track limits, no plugin limits and all advantages of JACK audio-deamon (adjusting latency, USB-audio, sample depth, etc). CALF PluginPack, fluid-soundfonts and some DSSI-Instruments & Synths from Linux Mint's repository made my DAW complete! For notation or Tabs, I export midi tracks to musescore or Tux-Guitar. For surgically wave editing (repairing waves), I use audacity. Workaround to deblock LinuxMint's native PULSE AUDIO (multimedia audio daemon) after using JACK (professional audio deamon): Open taskmanager, killing jackd... (sometimes also jackdbus). After 2 seconds, Mint's pulseaudio works fine again. Hardware: USB compliant audio interfaces. Update March 2019: There's a switch in a newer Jack/Qjackctl: "Shut down JACK" after shutting down Application. No need for my workaround anymore!" (score: 5)
  • 9 hours ago, hend85 reviewed vlc: "Amazing..." (score: 5)
  • 16 hours ago, Mindaugas reviewed com.getpostman.Postman: "Awesome tool. Works perfect." (score: 5)
  • 17 hours ago, Yastre reviewed 0ad: "Muy bueno, adictivo, lo recomiendo" (score: 5)
  • 19 hours ago, newmintterman reviewed focuswriter: "Very light and simple. Looks good. Nice choise for basic text files. If interested it's available for all platforms. No public key or fingerprint though... Makes me wonder why." (score: 4)