Efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration -- common files
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Abiword is a full-featured, efficient word processing application. it is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks, and is extensible with a variety of plugins.

this package contains the common files that are used on all architectures without modification.
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jahid_0903014 8 years ago

Don't like it, libreoffice is much better

mh2o 8 years ago

It isn't resource hungry and you can arrange neat texts with it and it's cross platform. very good.

Lee-Larsson 10 years ago

to be honest, I've used on PC's before.. and can transfer pages between PC AND Mac.. Nice Lightweight app..

carlos-teran 10 years ago

Not as good as LibreOffice.

richardmint 10 years ago

Nice and lite

crismblog 11 years ago

it`s good

ulysses 11 years ago


IIJETHROII 11 years ago

Good but could be better. I can use it in every day task and it do everything i need.

merc1973 11 years ago

Light but complete junk.

Anleoje 11 years ago

It have some problems, I prefer LibreOffice

mbernardi 11 years ago

Cross platform is helpful, small footprint nice, updates not in LTS repository unfortunate

Germmare 11 years ago

Libre Office is now my favorit

guv999 12 years ago

Great alternative to Open Office writer better desktop intergration

jhpassarelli 12 years ago

WAY better than OpenOffice Writer.

ntdevman 12 years ago

Abiword is simply a fantastic word processor. I write documents using Abiword almost daily for internal company and personal use, and external publication/presentation documents. Abiword has become my "goto" word precessing software. It provides all the features that are commonly use and makes then easily accessible. Other reviews have pointed out that it does not have all of the features of OpenOffice, and that is true. But, even though I have OpenOffice installed I simply always use Abiword for documents. It loads quickly, is stable, and has enough advanced formatting to meet my needs. I believe that this package will reaily meet the needs of 99% of the people 99.9% of the time. Personally, I have yet to miss anything. This is a "Must try" word processor

aprilland 12 years ago

AbiWord 2.8.2 doesn't allow to edit texts. The key 'Backspace' deletes not only one character but several following words too! Or even the whole paragraph! Never use the version 2.8.2! Try 2.6.8 if you do need this editor.

Nottyl 12 years ago

Apparently one cannot change the default font! Either this is true and then it's really bad, or a user can do it, but it's some ridiculously complicated process. Apps shouldn't be like that in this day and age.

CeleronD 12 years ago

fast,light weight and easy to use.

beansandjeans 12 years ago

Great word processor. Much lighter weight than OpenOffice. Especially ideal for those with limited system resources.

maty1206 13 years ago

It is very close to Microsoft Word 2003. Light & easy to use. The only sin of Abiword is that it doesn't support ODF file format at all.