Penguin-themed solitaire games
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The Ace of Penguins is a set of solitaire games inspired by the ones available for MS Windows, but with a number of enhancements.

The package consists of the games Canfield, Freecell, Golf, Mastermind, Merlin, Minesweeper, Pegged, Solitaire, Spider, Taipei (with a level editor), and Thornq.

NOTE: If you experience problems with the F1 help key, please make sure you have package xfonts-100dpi installed.
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kelevra 2 years ago

The game works great. The GUI is a little dated but it reminds me of days gone by

imonthethreat 5 years ago

The best card games in Linux. All in one type thing, it meets all the needs of downloading separate games one by one. Besides it has minesweeper. A classic. From the comments under my review I see a few people reviewed it as 1 star and said “I dont play card game”. So, if you don’t know how to play card games then don’t review. Learn to play card games first, people. Then rate.

LinuxFan5 6 years ago

Just I can't play card :D

Phantom_Jon 7 years ago

works good, plays solitare but little cheezy on graphics and settings

Liusristur 9 years ago

Works great on any system if you have "xfonts-100dpi" installed.

pbdude123 9 years ago

Never works with Linux Mint

wildcard9 10 years ago

An old favorite. Missing the online help so takes some trial-and-error to figure out some of the commands.

pazuzuthewise 11 years ago

Good functionality, no undo, horrible graphics

e90712 11 years ago

the package here is broken. I use the one from Debian Sid. Nothing breaks when you use Gdebi to install it when you click on "mirrors" at Thorq is my favorite. It is the opposite of "freecell". Play one for a while and then switch to the other to see what I mean. The function keys bring up the rules, if they are not obvious.

mca53 11 years ago

I wondered why this was still being offered if it was old and didn't work, so I tried installing it. The games all seem to work for me, but there are no instructions - if you don't know how to play them already you have to figure them out on your own.

itonggant 11 years ago


hit801 11 years ago

Nothing works !

riki 11 years ago

None of the Penguin games work! :o(

seaofmint32 12 years ago

This doesn't seem to run at all.

hamburn 12 years ago

it's dead. last update was in 2001

Drmgiver 12 years ago

Doesn't seem to do anything for me, just sits there with a blank background