configuration and management utilities for Apple AirPort base stations
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This package contains various utilities to manage the Apple AirPort base stations.

Be aware that Apple released several versions of the AirPort base station; the original AirPort ("Graphite") was a rebranded Lucent RG-1000 base station, doing 802.11a/b. The AirPort Extreme ("Snow") is an Apple-built 802.11a/b/g base station.

For the original Apple AirPort and the Lucent RG-1000 base stations only: - airport-config: base station configurator - airport-linkmon: wireless link monitor, gives information on the wireless link quality between the base station and the associated hosts

For the Apple AirPort Extreme base stations only: - airport2-config: base station configurator - airport2-portinspector: port maps monitor - airport2-ipinspector: WAN interface monitoring utility

For all: - airport-modem: modem control utility, displays modem state, starts/stops modem connections, displays the approximate connection time (Extreme only) - airport-hostmon: wireless hosts monitor, lists wireless hosts connected to the base station (see airport2-portinspector for the Snow)
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Rigsby 4 years ago

found this report from user in Sweden while researching my options... "There’s apparently an old Java based library to interface with Airport Extremes, but not only does it rely on outdated Java versions, but it’s also very limited in what configs you can change with it. The other alternative is of course to see if Wine works. Which it does. However, I did not get it to work at all first – nothing happened after installation when I tried to run the config app. Luckily someone else had already figured out that if you’re on 64-bit (and let’s face it, we all are today) you need to explicitly use Wine in 32-bit mode for the Airport Extreme config application to work."

undeadbill 10 years ago

Mint 16 x64 mate- Doesn't work at all. No output to cli as to why.

vitech 10 years ago

Not working also, same problem with java. maybe a solution??

highwind 10 years ago

good idea, but not working with new java; can't find my device.