Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful
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Alpine is an upgrade of the well-known PINE email client. Its name derives from the use of the Apache License and its ties to PINE.

It features a full suite of support for mail protocols like IMAP and SMTP and security protocols like TLS. It uses curses for its interface.
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driver76 5 years ago

Command line email. Written in C programming language. Developed at the University of Washington. Very nice to use.

xargs 8 years ago

I've been using this since it was "Pine" back in the 90's. Small, powerful, and easy to use remotely from a terminal.

rongacula 9 years ago

I used to use this when email first came out, at times I'm tired of the web based email, plus this is a lot faster.

wegobear 11 years ago

learning to use it, is this what spammers use?

Germmare 11 years ago

Thunderbird is what i use

justin 12 years ago

Absolutely love it, I use it on a daily basis. Great for text based email without the additional overhead. Easy to navigate if you know the Pico/Nano editors.

UbNiX 12 years ago

Would love it if it had Maildir support

timocharis 12 years ago

Best command-line mail app by far.