user-space parser utility for AppArmor
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Apparmor provides the system initialization scripts needed to use the AppArmor Mandatory Access Control system, including the AppArmor Parser which is required to convert AppArmor text profiles into machine-readable policies that are loaded into the kernel for use with the AppArmor Linux Security Module.
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JR86 6 years ago

Good to harden your system. I hope that in the future it is integrated with all possible packages as default with a GUI for linux mint.

3gghead 10 years ago

This might be helpfult to some admin managing 25+ networked desktops with identical hardware and software installed but that's selinux's turf already. Unlike selinux, this service will silently prevent necessary changes to system settings (such as setting the default web browser) without actively monitoring its log. The problems one might have with it seem to depend on when it is installed on a system; ideally it would be part of the OS setup so it will have a context for any hardware, file systems, services, software and users/groups setup on the system. The amount of work it takes to keep a user-customized desktop system running without apparmor hinderences is, imo, unjustifiable. If it worked in conjunction with the package management system policies wouldn't be so bothersome to the system user.

chuckythegeek 11 years ago

Love apparmor but doesn't work in LMDE. Kernel supports it and this is in repositories......