Light command line download accelerator
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Axel tries to accelerate the downloading process by using multiple connections for one file, similar to DownThemAll and other famous programs. It can also use multiple mirrors for one download.

Using Axel, you will get files faster from Internet. So, Axel can speed up a download up to 60% (approximately, according to some tests).

Axel supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS protocols.

Axel tries to be as light as possible, so it might be useful as a wget clone (and other console based programs) on byte-critical systems.
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kyrillosnagy 7 years ago

Nice thanks

mik09 7 years ago

Сама швидка утиліта для загрузки. 30-50 підключень на файл більш ніж достатньо :)

camicri 8 years ago

Very fast. Easy to configure, especially the number of connections/segments per download. Very lightweight.

schmoove 8 years ago

mint 16 x64 mate: better than wget as it opens multiple connections to the one server for a faster download.

kernel100 9 years ago

Works very Gr8t. Better than IDM

mehdi_tey 10 years ago

my favourite download accelerator

yggryx 10 years ago

One of the best command-line download accelerators out there.

Zethy 11 years ago

Nice, since some direct downloads have a speed limit, a program like axel that can open multiple connections at once is a bless. Usage from command line: axel [url]

Germmare 11 years ago

no need for speed ;-)

princeinflorida 11 years ago

Use with options [n, v, a] for a nice progress display, e.g. "axel -n 4 -v -a url" Resumes after download interruption.

thelastblack 11 years ago

thats very quick, i always prefer it to gui ones

jesvtm 12 years ago

It's cmd tool, and useful. In some ways, it's better than wget.