High-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up PCs
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BackupPC is disk based and not tape based. This particularity allows features not found in any other backup solution:
* Clever pooling scheme minimizes disk storage and disk I/O.
Identical files across multiple backups of the same or different PC are
stored only once resulting in substantial savings in disk storage and disk
writes. Also known as "data deduplication".
* Optional compression provides additional reductions in storage.
CPU impact of compression is low since only new files (those not already
in the pool) need to be compressed.
* A powerful http/cgi user interface allows administrators to view log files,
configuration, current status and allows users to initiate and cancel
backups and browse and restore files from backups very quickly.
* No client-side software is needed. On WinXX the smb protocol is used.
On Linux or Unix clients, rsync or tar (over ssh/rsh/nfs) can be used
* Flexible restore options. Single files can be downloaded from any backup
directly from the CGI interface. Zip or Tar archives for selected files
or directories can also be downloaded from the CGI interface.
* BackupPC supports mobile environments where laptops are only intermittently
connected to the network and have dynamic IP addresses (DHCP).
* Flexible configuration parameters allow multiple backups to be performed
in parallel.
* and more to discover in the manual...
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ak_bars 3 years ago

ВеликолЕпный . содержит почти всЁ что можно мечтать в программе резервного копирования и для дома и для предпрриятия . но мне нехватает запуска по тОчному времени . и документацию бы на русском языке т.к. программа непростая , со множеством взаимозависящих установок .

bblonski 8 years ago

Great home network backup server. Relatively easy to setup although still probably not for novices. You'll need to know a bit about rsync/smb/tar. You can backup windows clients using smb or rsyncd if you install DeltaCopy on the windows client. However, it's server pull only, no client push. Great for central backup management, but checkout rdiff-backup if you want single user backups.