Telepathy extension for Banshee
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This extension provides integration between the Empathy instant messenger and Banshee. It provides the following features:

* Download your friends' Banshee library metadata and check out what they
listen to, their ratings, BPM values, etc.
* View your friends' playlists and export them to disk
* Share what you're listening to with all your instant messaging friends by
advertising the track, artist, and album of the currently playing track in
Empathy's status message. This can be disabled.
* Download your friends' music; one track at a time or a selection. You can
cancel ones in progress, queued, individually or all at once. The sender has
the option to cancel all in progress or queued transfers only. Both sender
and receiver get a progress bar. File sharing can be disabled.
* Stream your friends' music. This feature can be disabled.
Banshee is a media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop.
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shishirvarde 6 years ago

good for me