Bashare helps you share files with your friends
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Bashare (basic share) is a very simply and user-friendly file sharing tool over the internet and private lan too.

basically bashare is a http server with a graphical user interface (gui). select a file, give the link to your friends and they will be able to download the file from you speedily (or not, as you wish :-) ) bashare is very useful during chat sessions!
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kip- 13 years ago

man this program is so handy! specialy on irc to share some stuff with mates on another side of world.. for me is must have program!

5_O_Clock_Charlie 13 years ago

Great program !! Easily send or receive any size file directly to or from anyone over the net, regardless of their OS. Just send them the link !! NOTE: it did require the installation of Miniupnpc and Libminiupnpc to get past my router (links on the homepage).