classic 2D point and click science fiction adventure game
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A science-fiction thriller set in a bleak post-apocalyptic vision of the future, Beneath a Steel Sky revolves around "Union City", where selfishness, rivalry, and corruption by its citizens seems to be all too common, those who can afford it live underground, away from the pollution and social problems which are plaguing the city.

You take on the role of Robert Foster, an outcast of sorts from the city since a boy who was raised in a remote environment outside of Union City simply termed "the gap". Robert's mother took him away from Union City as a child on their way to "Hobart" but the helicopter crashed on its way, unfortunately Robert's mother dies, but he survives and is left to be raised by a local tribe from the gap.

Years later, Union City security drops by and abducts Robert, killing his tribe in the process; upon reaching the city the helicopter taking him there crashes with him escaping, high upon a tower block in the middle of the city he sets out to discover the truth about his past, and to seek vengeance for the killing of his tribe.

Note that this package only contains game-data. The game engine is provided by ScummVM.
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Tomi1980 6 years ago

kár, hogy ez nem magyar nyelvű, de ettől még játszahó

Incandescent 8 years ago

Imaginative game with likable characters and an intriguing story. Some of the puzzles are a bit obtuse, and a few sections can drag on if you don't know what to do. Overall a solid game.

3dBloke 9 years ago

Great characters and voice acting.

vince999de 11 years ago

A really good game with a good story!!!

linuxsapien 11 years ago

Oringinally played on the Amiga! This look, sounds and plays the exact same. God bless SCUMM!!!

Andria 13 years ago

amazing plot, a rara cyberpunk masterpiece!

ashtoash 13 years ago

Good Game is a good story, not graphics

python 13 years ago

great game. A good example of whats really necessary for a game to be fun and engaging (story, humour, etc ...) modern 3D graphics not required :)

Draco 13 years ago

I liked this game. Good graphics & animation. Great English voices!!! Good story too. Like to see more of these type of games on Linux Mint :)

Jac978 13 years ago

A good old game.

mockturtl 13 years ago

see also: flight-of-the-amazon-queen

d00med 13 years ago

One of the greatest games ever. The voice audio pack is a must to fully appreciate the humor

xenogia 13 years ago

Classic adventure game that has aged gracefully. Truly recommended if you enjoy this genre.

flor_de_azucena 13 years ago

I am a fan.

asymmetros 13 years ago

I remember this game since 90s. I have played some games since then, but this remains as one of my favorites. Exciting plot, nice humour too.

rosendir 14 years ago

Really recommended if you like point and klick adventure from mid 90's. I played it when it was new but it's still Awesome!

Alexio 14 years ago

The graphics are a bit dated, but the storyline is excellent. If you enjoyed games like Monkey Island, King Quest and Quest for Glory, you will love this one.