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Blogilo is a Free/Open Source Blogging client, focused on simplicity and usability. Currently featured:

* A full featured WYSIWYG editor and an HTML editor.
* Previewing your post with your blog style, like when you are visiting it at
your blog.
* Support for Blogger1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType (Wordpress supports all of
these) and Google GData (used on blogs) APIs.
* Support for creating/modifying/deleting posts.
* Support for creating drafts and scheduled posts.
* Support for uploading media files to your blog (only on supported APIs e.g.
MetaWeblog and MovableType).
* Support for fetching your recent blog entries.
* Support for adding images to post from your system. It will upload them on
Submitting post to blog (only on supported APIs e.g. MetaWeblog and
* Support for saving local entries before publishing.
* Saving your writing copy to prevent data loss, at configurable intervals.
* Internal auto spell checker. (KDE spell checker used so most of languages
are supported.)
This package is part of the KDE PIM module.
Latest reviews
JCH2 4 years ago

SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM SOFTWARE REPOSITORY. Not updated in years; no longer usable with May not be usable with other services. Interface needs updating as well, though that will never happen.

Kulla 4 years ago

Eigentlich eine schöne Sache, nur wirklich schon etwas altbacken und mit gelegentlichen Abstürzen

citricube 5 years ago

Could use some updates, but it's a pretty neat blog editor.

seasoned_geek 5 years ago

Relies on a spell checker which doesn't exist. Has problems posting to WordPress. This is abandonware

Ghtxt 8 years ago

Looking forward for a great blogging experince.

nicu 8 years ago

Does it's job

dequire 9 years ago

Great blogging program that supports both WordPress and Blogger. Awesome program, and part of the growing KDE PIM family. Try it!

ChromeToaster 9 years ago

This is the best blogging client Linux has ever had!