A configuration tool for Bluetooth
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Configure Bluetooth devices.
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tja0 1 year ago

Same experience as some here. Blueberry seems woefully short on configuration options for BT devices. I uninstalled it and went to Blueman with a much gives the user more configuration options

vixo 2 years ago

I had endless issues with Blueberry and eventually I found out about Blueman which just works.

alexandrcfif 2 years ago

With Blueberry I had my bluetooth headphones stuttering. I purged it and installed Blueman^ now everything works fine.

Heldenhirn 2 years ago

The process to setup devices (pair them) is really confusing. You have to activate pairing on the device you want to pair. Then you click on the device in the list of devices. A loading symbol will appear. After a few seconds the device should be paired. This should be better explained

philcobra 3 years ago

I could not get my Tecknet X366 keyboard to work in Linux Mint 19.2 so Installed Bluberry. It found my device and paired it just fine. I am using a Lenovo T430 with i7 and intel graphics.

reidar20 3 years ago

Does not work at all on Lenovo T430. Just stops during scanning. Does not connect to my phone or any other device. I removed blueberry, installed blueman in stead. blueman worked on first attempt!

carlosmtnz 3 years ago

It hardly finds and connects with my other devices. It's been an issue since three or four mint versions. The best solution is deleting it and installing Blueman.

bval1 4 years ago

A good start, but needs some work. I like how the design of the panel applet icon matches with other standard icons. However, it would be nice to be able to perform basic connectivity tasks with a right-click context menu from the panel applet icon. A signal meter would be nice. Also, I was unable to connect to a smartphone requiring a PIN to connect, while it works with blueman. Overall, Blueberry has nowhere near the capabilities of blueman at the present time. Hopefully, with more work, Blueberry will be more capable and more aesthetically pleasing than blueman in the future.