advanced Gtk+ text editor for web and software development
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Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and web developers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports a wide variety of programming and markup languages and has many features, e.g.

- Customizable code folding, auto indenting and completion - Support for remote files operation over FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, etc. - Site upload and download - Powerful search and replace engine - Customizable integration of external programs such as lint, make, etc - Snippets plugin to automate often used code - Code-aware in-line spell checking - Zencoding or Emmet support - Bookmarks panel

but is still lightweight and fast.

For validation of CSS/HTML/XML documents you need csstidy, tidy, weblint and/or xmllint. For preview to work, you need a web browser that can view local files given to it on the command line. For PHP or Python bluefish supports php-codesniffer and pylint. Tools not suggested but supported are make, perl, php5-cli and java-compiler.
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zack 7 months ago

Perfect to see the source code of these web pages, and edit your website.

_James_ 2 years ago

Seemed exactly what I need: a replacement for Dreamweaver 2015. Does all the editing, with the added benefit you can insert images with a icon and you can click an icon to insert a line break (I prefer SHIFT + ENTER, but this is okay).

Sadly, the app is useless due to unacceptable bugs:

1) it auto-crashes when I use the in-document search;
2) only app through which I can't open my PHP webpages on my D partition! ("/media/-user-/Data" )

Chumpen 4 years ago

It is very easy to use.

phil995511 4 years ago

Essential software

Philipp 4 years ago

Suply !

JCH2 7 years ago

No autocomplete; questionable about uptodate standards; code languages sound but I have seen better; no WYSIWIG HTML in this day and age... really? But it does appear this is all that is in any repository. Going back to Komodo-Edit instead.

GEPF 7 years ago

otimo muito bom

greggha 7 years ago

Every web developer should have this installed. It's lightweight, and great for quick tweaks and fixes, as well as for entire page development.

WandersonGOD 7 years ago


onurmidilli 8 years ago

it should in the standard install

dixsonhoepp 8 years ago

Muy buena aplicación, demasiado diría yo. La utilizo para mis proyectos web y de verdad que es muy buena, y pensar que es gratuita y es un software libre. Para que gastar tanto dinero en Dreamweaver cuando tengo este software.

jahid_0903014 8 years ago

I use it for PHP and HTML coding extensively, though my first choice is aptana studio

inksi 8 years ago

Undoubtedly well-featured and capable. Sorry to say that I find it cumbersome and confusing. Keeping it, but back to my first love - Arachnophilia

drawa 8 years ago

Working with remote files from bluefish and file manageer with Elevated Priviledges takes the biscuit, love this programme.

Kobalt 8 years ago

Actually nice application but after a while it didn't start-up anymore, just loading a few seconds and then nothing. This behaviour is kept even after re-installing. It's a pity.

MehmetNuri 8 years ago

Dieğer IDE lere göre eski bir yazılım

krupers 8 years ago

Bardzo dobry. Używam do PHP, CSS, HTML; Polecam!

gustavoalfgomez 8 years ago

Me gusta más que sublime text y notepad++

ericvictor66 8 years ago

fast and simple, best html editor for me

kakha_k 8 years ago

Currently I'm not familiar with this app but it seems like an strongest great software.