boot sequence auditing
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Bootchart allows you to audit the boot sequence of your computer and generate a pretty chart of the processes run, including how long they took and how much CPU and I/O they used.

The auditing is performed by a tool that runs in your initramfs, or early in your boot sequence, and records system statistics as your computer boots.

Tarballs of this data are left in /var/log/bootchart; from these either PNG or SVG will be generated if pybootchartgui is installed.
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iakovos 6 years ago

There is a bug in bootchart (at least with Mint Cinnamon 18.1 (Serena)): Bootchart never stops logging. This causes the /udev filesystem to grow (since Bootchart stores saved logs in /udev/.bootchart). Since udev is a memory resident filesystem; it starts using more memory. My 16 GBs PC run out of memory in 4 hours and the OOM (Out Of Memory) manager started killing applications. At the end I got a kernel panic; since I was using 15 GBs for buffes/cache. If you experience something similar, just check the disk usage of /udev.

xchiltonx 7 years ago

didn't work in mint 17.2

mbott1982 9 years ago

I like it.

garyamort 10 years ago

Decent tool - you can get details from Note, bootchart checks some standard ubuntu windows managers to trigger stop logging. Since Mint uses mdm this means it NEVER STOPS. This will kill your memory eventually. Add mdm to the list of programs in /etc/init.d/bootchart in order to fix it.

MestreLion 11 years ago

great tool, but lacks documentation, for example: How to disable it? Where is the GUI of pybootchartgui? Etc etc..

Tonya 11 years ago

great tool

Steampunk-Nick 11 years ago

wonderful app to show what actually happens during your boot sequence

sayan_acharjee 12 years ago

i love it :)

changsijay 12 years ago

easy and useful

guv999 12 years ago

very useful tool

shaon121 12 years ago


count_negative 12 years ago

Very good tool, to see whats happening and what wastes time.

andrei 12 years ago