GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player - Plugin for Mozilla and derivatives
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GNU Gnash is a free GPL'd SWF player. It runs as a standalone application on either the desktop or embedded devices, or may be used as a plugin for several popular browsers. It supports playing media from a disk or streaming over a network connection.

GNU Gnash is based on GameSWF and supports most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9. SWF v10 is not supported by GNU Gnash.

Included in the Gnash is an XML based messaging system, as specified in the SWF specification. This lets a SWF animation communicate over a TCP/IP socket, and parse the incoming XML message. This lets an animation be a remote control for other devices or applications.

This package includes the plugin for Firefox/Mozilla Web Browser. The plugin works best with Firefox 1.0.4 or newer, and should work in any Mozilla based browser.
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josipa 7 years ago


Genereur 7 years ago

Permet de lire un ficher .swf ! sans problème sur Linux Mint ;)

lib2know 7 years ago

it doesn't play many flash files, in that sense better than adobe flash player

iosonoscrive 8 years ago


xmav 9 years ago

Very nice!

linuxcrasher 10 years ago

unbrauchbar (mint 13)