text window manager, shell multiplexer, integrated DevOps environment
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Byobu is Ubuntu's powerful text-based window manager, shell multiplexer, and integrated DevOps environment.

Using Byobu, you can quickly create and move between different windows over a single SSH connection or TTY terminal, split each of those windows into multiple panes, monitor dozens of important statistics about your system, detach and reattach to sessions later while your programs continue to run in the background.
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mint4chris 10 years ago

Das weltbeste Terminalfenster seit Erfindung geschnittenen Brotes!!

chassum 12 years ago

Screen for human beings! Elegant, intuative, and useful.

armando2011 12 years ago

excelente manejador de ventanas. Les dejo un tutorial breve:

kazztan0325 12 years ago

It can show some info at bottom of Terminal. Very Useful!

bubblefish 12 years ago

like gnu screen, but better