Dropbox integration for Caja
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Caja Dropbox is an extension that integrates the Dropbox web service with your MATE Desktop.

To use this package you need to install the proprietary dropbox package from
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nissimnanach 8 years ago

Right-clicking on panel and selecting "Open Dropbox Folder" etc. doesn't work

nickdante8 8 years ago

It's a needed tool for every one who does have dropbox. I'm using it quit a time (more than half a year) and still no bug!

doubledodge 9 years ago

A simple way to install dropbox when you update to a new release - works seamlessly and finds my existing ~/home/Dropbox folder without me doing anything

Piticlander 9 years ago

Funciona estupendamente. Eso sí, he instalado Dropbox desde la página web, porque el de los repositorios tiene muchas dependencias de Cinnamon