Calf Studio Gear - audio effects and sound generators
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The Calf plugins include all todays frequently used studio effects along with some feature-rich sound processors.

Calf Studiogear is designed to run under the most flexible plugin standard in Linux, namely LV2. So you're able to insert them in lots of plugin-capable audio software like Ardour, Rosegarden and others.

The Calf Rack offers you all Calf effects and synthesizers in an easy-to-use studio rack. Wire the effects through Jack to build your own studio environment and trigger the sound processors live or through a MIDI sequencer or tracker.

Calf Rack supports LADISH level 1.
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chpicolo 1 year ago

This is definetively the best set of plug-ins for Linux that I ever seen. Only the multiband compressor still have a confuse interface if compared to Waves equivalent plug-ins on other platforms. I love this set since 2013, but since the last updates, it became extremelly slow to load when playing back tracks on Ardour. Hope that new updates fix it.

AlexFerreira 1 year ago

If you are new to Linux, CALF PLUGINS contain and indeed will provide most of your primary needs to mix and master your tracks. This pack sounds amazing install and enjoy!! Se você é novo no Linux, o CALF PLUGINS contém e, de fato, fornecerá a maioria das suas principais necessidades para suas mixes e masterizações suas faixas de áudio. Este pacote de plugins tem um som maravilhoso. É só instalar e desfrutar !!

FistfulOfStars 2 years ago

Great plugins, an equivalent suite of proprietary effects would cost quite a bit. Absolutely amazed that this is available FOSS. To get this working in Ardour I had to manually uninstall the calf-ladspa package.

MiguelBarboz 4 years ago


redcon 5 years ago


koulaxizis 8 years ago

Excellent audio plugins!!